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Watch Live: Elon Musk is Finally Unveiling Tesla’s Electric Semi

After months of waiting, the moment is finally here. Tonight (Nov. 16, 2017), Elon Musk is giving the world its first look at Tesla’s new semi. The event just started. Stay tuned here for live updates. See the event below.

  • The term that Tesla came up with to define the performance of the Tesla semi is BAMF.
  • Musk claims that it can go from zero to sixty in just 5 seconds.
  • You can carry the maximum weight on a highway in a Tesla and accelerate from zero to sixty in 20 seconds.
  • The semis have a range of 500 miles at maximum weight (80,000 pounds) while traveling at maximum highway speed.
  • They can travel up-hill at 65 mph versus 45 mph for other semis
  • Tesla trucks are able to hit 65 mph vs 45 mph up a 5% grade compared to a standard truck
  • Musk claims most routes are 250 miles one way, meaning that the trucks can make deliveries and return home without charging.
  • The driver’s seat got a serious upgrade. It is placed dead center and is moved much farther forward, thanks to the absence of the engine.
  • Still no details on price or when they will officially go on sale. Though Musk did claim that diesel trucks will ultimately cost 20 percent more per mile and that they will go into production in 2019.
  • Musk claimed that continuing to use diesel would be “economic suicide,” as Tesla semis will cost just 7 cents/kWh.

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Here’s How to Watch and What to Expect From Tesla’s Semi Reveal

Tesla’s Electric Semi Truck

On November 12, Elon Musk confirmed that the official unveiling of Tesla’s electric semi truck would take place on November 16 via a tweet that set a high bar for the vehicle: “This will blow your mind clear out of your skull and into an alternate dimension,” wrote Musk. “Just need to find my portal gun.”

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Tesla has pushed back the reveal of the electric semi several times for various reasons.

Initially scheduled to take place in September 2017, it was pushed to October 26 and then again to the current date in November. Musk blamed production problems related to the Model 3 as well as Tesla’s efforts to restore power in Puerto Rico when he issued a public statement in October.

With the reveal now less than 24 hours away, Tesla appears fully ready to show off the vehicle that could potentially change the face of the trucking industry as we know it.

Oncoming Vehicle

While no one knows for sure the official specs of Tesla’s electric semi truck or any automakers that the company has already inked deals with — that information might be disclosed during the reveal — early reports have surfaced online.

According to a report from Reuters, the vehicle will boast a working range of between 321 and 482 kilometers (200 and 300 miles) from a single charge. A large-capacity battery would take a while to recharge, so Tesla might set up stations where drivers could either perform a flash charge of a smaller battery or take advantage of a battery-swapping system, trading a drained battery for one that’s already ready to go.

Tesla's electric semi truck

Innovations like these could shake the foundation of the trucking industry, which will have to make some big changes over the next few years if it’s to conform to inbound restrictions on vehicles powered by fossil fuels.

However, while Tesla’s electric semi truck will be unveiled this week, it’s not going to hit the road for some time. Tesla expects to start full-scale production on the vehicle in 2019, scaling up the manufacturing process over the next two years. Analysts at Morgan Stanley predict the company will begin fulfilling orders in 2020.

The much-anticipated reveal on November 16 could prove to be a milestone in the proliferation of electric vehicles, and it’ll be livestreamed for anyone keen on tuning in. The event will get underway at 8 p.m. PST, and based on Tesla’s previous broadcasts, you’ll likely be able to watch it via the company’s website or their official YouTube channel.

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Elon Musk Just Revealed the Official Launch Date for the Tesla Semi

In a Sunday afternoon Twitter post, Tesla founder Elon Musk announced that the company’s electric semi truck will be revealed this Thursday, November 16—and that it would “blow your mind clear out of your skull and into an alternate dimension.”

The Tesla Semi has been highly anticipated since Musk teased its prototype at the 2017 TED conference. The scant details that have become available since then suggest the long-haul trucking vehicle will be significantly cheaper, safer, and more environmentally friendly than current options, particularly when utilized in “platoons.” The truck will reportedly have a range of about 200 to 300 miles between charges.

“A lot of people don’t think you can do a heavy-duty, long-range truck that’s electric, but we’re confident that this can be done,” Musk told shareholders at their annual meeting in June. He originally set the semi’s release date for September but postponed its reveal to address bottlenecks in Model 3 production and increase the company’s battery production to aid areas affected by Hurricane Maria.

It seems that the wait will soon be over; particularly good news for the trucking industry, which currently contributes about 20 percent of the transportation sector’s greenhouse gas emissions. In September, Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jonas suggested that the Tesla Semi could set off huge changes in the industry, potentially reducing costs by up to 70 percent.

“We believe TSLA’s reveal of its autonomous, electric Class 8 semi-truck this month could be the biggest catalyst in Trucking in decades and potentially set off separation between the technology leaders and the laggards among carriers, shippers, truck OEMs and suppliers,” he wrote to his clients, according to Electrek.

Watch this space for more news of the Semi on the 16th — and don’t forget your portal gun.

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