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Tesla Planning Major Expansion of its Charging Network Over the Next Few Months

“Major” Expansion Coming Soon

If there’s one complaint Tesla drivers have — especially those in urban centers without garages — it’s that charging can be a challenge. Back in April, Tesla announced that, within 2017, it would double the number of its Superchargers and Destination Charging connectors both on long distance routes and in urban centers. By the end of 2017, there would be more than 10,000 Superchargers and 15,000 Destination Chargers globally, an increase in Superchargers of 150 percent in North America.

On August 9, Elon Musk responded to a Twitter user desperate for more charging stations in Miami, pledging that she and other Tesla drivers would see “Major increases in the Supercharger and Tesla urban charger network happening over the next several months”:

More Accessibility, More Safety

Teslas are already incredibly popular cars. Consumer Reports called the Model S the best car of 2014, and in 2016 the Model 3 was labeled the most popular electric car in the world — before it was even produced. And, now that the Model 3 has hit the streets, reviewers are unanimous: it has no competition.

If it does become much easier and more practical to charge Tesla Vehicles, they’ll be even more popular, and we will all benefit. The Model 3 has achieved the top safety rating from Consumer Reports, and, as a primary driving force bringing autonomous vehicles to the road, Tesla is making its vehicles even safer. While electric vehicles will push us further away from fossil fuels in the fight against climate change, autonomous cars will save lives, according to the experts, so more popularity for Tesla will ultimately mean more safety for everyone.

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This Patent Could Solve One of the Biggest Issues With Owning a Tesla

Drone Charging Patent

Imagine you are driving in an electric vehicle (EV), and you notice that you’re running low on charge. You use your smartphone — not to find a charging station, which you hope is within range, but to summon a charging drone — and you keep driving. Within minutes, a drone is hovering over your car, and your battery is charging. You never even had to leave the road.
This could be in our future if one new patent leads to a prototype and eventually a product. It is one response to the practical problem posed by the anticipated proliferation of EVs: charging infrastructure. Back in April, Tesla announced plans to double the size of its charging infrastructure in 2017, both in urban centers and along highways. These plans will bring Tesla’s total to more than 10,000 Superchargers and 15,000 Destination Chargers in service all over the globe.
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From Patent To Reality?

Now, while these massive expansion plans aren’t yet enough to keep up, Tesla isn’t the only entity focusing on charging points. As of 2016, these points were more plentiful in Japan than traditional fossil fuel filling stations. Proterra has developed a rapid charging system for electric transit, but it relies on the existence of charging infrastructure. Honda has designed a dynamic charging system that would recharge while the vehicle was in motion—but again, the problem is infrastructure.
While this innovative drone charging system would be revolutionary for EVs, the mere filing of a patent application does not guarantee that an invention will ever be made. In the meantime, it seems that all of the minds working on Evs need to advance solutions to solving the problem of infrastructure expansion.

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