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Archives for Futurism Video

This AI can create fake videos that look real

The post This AI Can Create Fake Videos That Look Real appeared first on Futurism.

Apple’s new spaceship-like headquarters looks incredible

The post Apple’s New Headquarters Are Almost Done, and It’s Beautiful appeared first on Futurism.

A medical stent has finally received approval to be used for treating patients with clogged arteries in the United States.

The post New Breakthrough Treatment Could Offer Patients Help For Heart Disease appeared first on Futurism.

Meet the sky-taxi that could change how you get to places.

The post Lilium’s New Jet is the Future of On-Demand Transportation appeared first on Futurism.

These robot arms are so graceful that you’ll wonder how they’re, well, robots

The post These Are the Most Sophisticated Robot Arms Yet appeared first on Futurism.

Africa’s water crisis is getting worse. This non-profit is taking that very seriously.

The post Well Aware Helps Communities Get Clean Water appeared first on Futurism.

4D printed objects change their shape automatically in response to temperature fluctuations. This is only the beginning of a promising new field that will program movements into objects, without the need for motors or power sources.

The post These 3D-Printed Objects Are Actually 4D appeared first on Futurism.

These futuristic playgrounds will make you wish you were a kid again.

The post MONSTRUM Has Created These Amazing Playgrounds In Denmark appeared first on Futurism.

A startup named Samumed believes it can cure baldness, and they’ve raised more than $300 million to prove it. Here’s how the science works.

The post These Stem Cells Could Be the Cure for Baldness appeared first on Futurism.

The National Institute of Health recently lifted a moratorium on the creation of human/animal hybrids, which are known as chimeras. While meddling human and animal DNA could have the capacity to help with things like organ transplants and disease research, many people seem to be taking issue with the nebulous ethics surrounding chimera creation.

The post A Ban on Human/Animal Hybrids Has Been Lifted appeared first on Futurism.

You can now drop your vehicle right at the parking garage entrance and Stan will pick it up from there. The robot can stack up to five cars in a single line, which increases parking lot capacities by up to 50%.

The post Meet the Robot That Can Valet Park Your Car appeared first on Futurism.

Meet the world’s first robocops

The post Meet the World’s First Robocops appeared first on Futurism.

Climate change is inevitable. This indoor rainforest will keep us prepared.

The post This Indoor Rainforest Fights Climate Change appeared first on Futurism.

The world’s first 3D printed pedestrian bridge has been created. It has been installed in an urban park in Madrid, paving the way for 3D printed outdoor structures.

The post Get Over It: The World’s First 3D-Printed Bridge Officially Opened appeared first on Futurism.

Jane Kim, a San Francisco politician, has started exploring a tax on automated workers to combat inequality.

The post Should Robots Pay Taxes? appeared first on Futurism.

Newcastle University researchers have developed a prosthetic limb that performs certain actions on its own. All the wearer has to do is look at an object, and the hand does the rest. Using its onboard camera to evaluate the shape, size, and distance, the hand performs the appropriate action – like picking up a coffee cup. This makes complex actions much easier for prosthetic wearers, who otherwise have to perform complex muscle actions to manipulate their limbs.

The post Need a Hand? This Prosthetic Limb Can Move on Its Own. appeared first on Futurism.

A new Ebola vaccine is on the horizon. Researchers at the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID) recently took a sample of 349 antibodies from an Ebola survivor and were able to isolate 2 of these that have been shown to effectively neutralize the deadly virus. This incredible breakthrough will likely lead to a highly effective vaccine that could be widely accessible in the near future.

The post A New Vaccine Could Bring a Permanent End to Ebola appeared first on Futurism.

NASA just learned that Very Low Frequency Radio Waves from Earthbound technologies reach into space, creating a protective “bubble” that shields the space around earth from dangerous solar radiation. Learning how this works could lead to controlled space weather for travelers and machines.

The post NASA Just Discovered a Manmade Space Bubble Around Earth appeared first on Futurism.

Nike’s new Unlimited Stadium is the most high tech running track ever built. It popped up recently in Manila, Philippines and uses a continuous LED screen in order to help athletes train against their own avatars. Plus, it looks like something right out of Tron. And that’s cool.

The post Nike’s New Futuristic Track Is Straight from Tron appeared first on Futurism.

Virtual reality games often try to test how you’d fare in a job. Flairtender is a new game for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift that puts you in the shoes of a bartender. You take orders, mix drinks, and earn cash to better improve your mixology.

The post Now You Can Run an Entire Bar from the Comfort of Your Home appeared first on Futurism.

Apple recently obtained a permit to begin testing autonomous vehicles. For some, this will confirm long suspected beliefs that Apple has been getting into the transportation game. While nothing is yet confirmed, this can only support the idea that autonomous vehicles are here and here to stay.

The post Apple Is About to Take a Leap into the World of Self-Driving Cars appeared first on Futurism.

Virtual reality software is changing the design industry for the better. Seymourpowell has developed a VR app that offers a virtual car design studio at room-scale that multiple collaborators can simulataneously use remotely.

The post Your Next Car Could Be Designed in Virtual Reality appeared first on Futurism.

Hologram-like 3D images offer new ways to study educational models in science and other subjects. zSpace has built a tablet that uses a stylus and glasses to allow students to have interactive learning experiences. Technology like this not only makes education more immersive and captivating, but also can provide more accurate models for students in professional fields like medicine.

The post The Future of Education Can Be Found Within This AR Tablet appeared first on Futurism.

This complex sensor can monitor pretty much all of the activity in your home, by sensing temperature fluctuation, electricity use, sounds, movement, and duration of events. It’s a foundation on which to build truly “Smart” homes, where activities are tracked, remote-controlled, and automated as the user sees fit. For now, it’s a great way to monitor the events in a busy home, workshop, or business. The SuperSensor secures all user data and doesn’t transmit it to the Cloud.

The post This Supersensor Knows More About Your House Than You Do appeared first on Futurism.

Vive just announced they’ve partnered with Google to create a new untethered VR headset. The headset will be unique because it doesn’t require a PC or mobile device in order to work. Users simply pick up the headset and enter immersive virtual reality. Though many details have yet to be revealed Vive claims the headset should be available later in the year.

The post HTC Vive and Google Are Bringing You an Untethered VR Headset appeared first on Futurism.

Google has unveiled a major new update to its Tango augmented reality platform — the Visual Positioning System. The VPS senses and animates your world so you can see immersive visuals in your surroundings with just your smartphone.

The post Google’s New Tech Animates Your World appeared first on Futurism.

Augmented reality lets you see how your next purchase might look in real life through the screen of a smartphone or tablet. KabaQ is one startup developing AR restaurant menus that preview meals, display ingredients, portion size, and even take online orders.

The post This App Lets You Preview an Entire Restaurant Menu in 3D appeared first on Futurism.

A new retinal surgery, guided by human surgeons but performed by robots, has just passed clinical trials. Robots bring much more control to delicate surgeries than can be achieved by humans alone. Soon, surgical robots will enable surgeons to perform entirely new operations which the human hand, until now, has been too clumsy to accomplish.

The post A Robot Just Performed the First-Ever Surgery Inside the Human Eye appeared first on Futurism.

Researchers have found that an Alzheimer’s drug stimulates damaged teeth to repair themselves. This could bring about a future where dentistry doesn’t require drilling and filling.

The post Scientists Discover a Drug That Could Help Regrow Your Teeth appeared first on Futurism.

If you want to make a call, all you need to do is place your fingertip on your ear. This is Sgnl.

The post This Device Can Turn Your Finger Into a Phone appeared first on Futurism.

A scientist accidentally discovered that wax worms can digest polyethylene. Could this be a solution to the millions of tons of plastic waste we produce every year?

The post Worms Could Hold the Key to Reducing the World’s Plastic Waste appeared first on Futurism.

Headsets and motion controllers offer a pretty immersive experience in virtual reality already. But motion simulators can provide an even more realistic experience that tests your piloting skills. One YouTuber has built a $25,000 VR racing rig for his home.

The post Ride to the Future in This Home-Made VR Motion Simulator appeared first on Futurism.

Electrick is a newly developed electrically conductive spray that can turn anything into a touch interface. It will be both available to consumers as well as manufacturers. Because there’s quite literally an infinite number of possible applications for tech like this, it wouldn’t be surprising if this is something that will deeply affect the way people of the future interact with their basic environments.

The post Scientists Designed a Way to Turn Anything into a Touch Surface appeared first on Futurism.

The winner of the 2017 eVolo Skyscaper Design competition would bring improved food production potential to places in the world where food is scarce. The design is modular and transportable, with room for farms, aerial drone deliveries, and a farmer’s market for growers and shoppers.

The post This Incredible Skyscraper Could Help Feed the World appeared first on Futurism.

Jellyfish proliferate because of hotter ocean temperatures. In two isolated lakes on an archipelago in the South Pacific, you can swim with millions of jellyfish that are harmless to humans.

The post Thanks to Global Warming, You Can Swim with Millions of Jellyfish appeared first on Futurism.

After the surprisingly good sales of the Playstation VR, many wonder when Nintendo will release a headset for their wildly successful Nintendo Switch console. YouTuber Nintendrew has shown us how a Switch headset could look by using a tablet headset that’s already on the market.

The post Here’s What the Nintendo Switch VR Headset Might Look Like appeared first on Futurism.

The Scewo is a wheelchair that can climb stairs. It levels the playing field for wheelchair users, and is perfectly at home in a variety of environments.

The post This Incredible Wheelchair Can Climb Up and Down Stairs appeared first on Futurism.

3D design and sculpting apps normally rely on motion controllers as input devices. But Gravity Sketch is now working on supporting hand tracking in their app so you’ll be able to draw and sculpt intuitively with just your fingers, creating an experience closer to hand sculpting.

The post This Wild VR App Lets You Design 3D Models in Mid-Air appeared first on Futurism.

Researchers from the Salk Institute have demonstrated the ability to edit the DNA of cells that do not divide or modify their DNA, partially restoring sight in mice born with genetic defects.

The post DNA Editing May Be Able to Cure Genetic Disorders appeared first on Futurism.

Fungi Mutarium is a prototype that grows edible fungal biomass as a novel food product. Fungi is cultivated on specifically designed agar shapes that the designers called “FU”. Agar is a seaweed based gelatin substitute and acts, mixed with starch and sugar, as a nutrient base for the fungi.

The post These Mushrooms Can Turn Plastic Waste into Food appeared first on Futurism.

Eye tracking will be a game-changer for virtual reality, offering a new way for us to interact with the virtual world just by moving our eyes. aGlass is the world’s first consumer eye tracking module for VR that seamlessly integrates with the HTC Vive to deliver eye tracking input.

The post Meet aGlass: the World’s First VR Eye-Tracking Device appeared first on Futurism.

The new Apple store in Dubai changes shape according to the weather and temperature outside. In cool weather, large windows open allowing customers to go out onto a terrace overlooking the street below. During wind, rain, or sandstorms, the large windows close. The interior temperature adjusts automatically according to the temperature and light levels outside.

The post Dubai’s Apple Store Changes Shape According to the Weather appeared first on Futurism.

NASA recently announced there could be alien life in our own solar system. Their space craft Cassini recently gathered data on Enceladus, one of Saturn’s 62 moons, and was able to confirm that its icy oceans contain all the necessary ingredients that allow the formation of life.

The post NASA May Have Found Alien Life in Our Own Solar System appeared first on Futurism.

Hahna Alexander shares the journey the self-charging work boots that deliver actionable insights to increase efficiency and improve safety. At the core of SolePower’s development is a patented kinetic charger that generates power every step. Hahna is a 2017 winner of Toyota Mothers of Invention.

The post These Shoes Are Powered by Your Steps appeared first on Futurism.

The Aurora Lightning Strike is an electric-hybrid X-plane that can take off vertically and hover like a chopper.

The post Take a Ride with the Plane That Lifts-Off Vertically appeared first on Futurism.

Australia will be the first country to replace passports with face, iris, and fingerprint recognition. Though there are security concerns, this will add significant convenience to the international travel experience.

The post Australia Is Replacing Passports with Facial Recognition appeared first on Futurism.

Yotel is a hotel in New York that’s moving towards a nearly entirely autonomous system of operations. They have a luggage transfer robot they call YOBOT and guests check in at automated kiosks. They do have some human staff around however just in case guests get overwhelmed by all the tech.  Would you check out Yotel?

The post This New York Hotel Is Nearly Entirely Automated appeared first on Futurism.

This jacket is covered with a special coating that gives it the ability to heal its own fibers. All you have to do is rub the fabric near the puncture and it’ll seal itself up.

The post This Jacket Can Heal Its Own Fabric appeared first on Futurism.

The Hyperloop is finally no longer science fiction. Hyperloop One is getting ready to fire up their new 500 meter long test track in the Nevada desert.

The post The Hyperloop Is Finally Becoming a Reality appeared first on Futurism.

Virtual reality has the potential of letting people practice things that might be too dangerous in real life. VAL is a new project from French company XXII that lets you safely mix noxious chemicals in a virtual reality setting with actual objects.

The post Now You Can Mix Dangerous Chemicals in the Safety of VR appeared first on Futurism.

Louisiana’s low-lying coastlands are being devoured by rising sea levels. Every hour, a space the size of one football field is eliminated from Louisiana’s coast. It’s a terrifying reality for families who have lived in these lands for years, and a reminder  that climate change is already altering life in the United States.

The post Louisiana’s Governor Has Declared a State of Emergency appeared first on Futurism.

Virtual reality is rocking the medical technology industry. It’s quite possible VR and augmented reality will be present in almost every aspect of medical training in the near future. 3DSystems’ has created a new virtual operating room training experience that tests students with precise controllers.

The post The Future of Surgery Lies Within the World of VR appeared first on Futurism.

Self Reflected is a series of art pieces that depict human consciousness. They were created by Dr. Greg Dunn and Dr. Brian Edwards and are meant to allow the mind a revealing look at its own inner workings. After an astonishing amount of research the artists were able to invent a technique called microetching that allowed them to create neuron animations in metallic surfaces via reflected light. The resulting effect is as beautiful as it is uncanny.

The post This Artwork Depicts the Gorgeous Complexity of the Human Brain appeared first on Futurism.

Google just unveiled the new Google Earth and it’s beautiful. The new Voyager tool allows users to take virtual, interactive tours of the world and the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button will take you on a randomized adventure. As virtuality continues to expand as a means of entertainment, connection and as a tool, experiences like the new Google Earth are certainly just the beginning in where tech like this will bring us.

The post Google Earth’s New Feature Brings the Entire Planet to Life appeared first on Futurism.

Baidu recently made an astonishing breakthrough in machine learning. They’ve achieved zero shot learning by programming a bot to teach another bot how to read. But in a surprise twist, they ended up with an AI that is able to understand language at amazingly complex levels.

The post A Robot Just Taught Another Robot How to Read appeared first on Futurism.

More and more classic games are receiving renditions in the augmented reality field. CyberSnake, from independent developer Lucas Rizzotto, is the latest Microsoft HoloLens take on the arcade classic Snake.

The post This AR Game Puts a Twist on the Classic Game of ‘Snake’ appeared first on Futurism.

This man is trying to create a world without money. The Venus Project views poverty, war, hunger and debt, not only as avoidable, but as totally unacceptable. Here is their alternative vision of what our future could be like.

The post Can You Picture a World Without Money? appeared first on Futurism.

The Lyra by Mission Bicycle is the perfect commuter bike. It’s built in lighting gives the rider 360 degree visibility, and the built in GPS helps you map your route or locate a stolen bicycle.

The post The Lyra Smart Bike Is Every Commuter’s Dream appeared first on Futurism.

Airlines and their passengers rely on approximately 24,000 air traffic controllers to make sure planes take off and land safely. Currently, controllers use bulky computers and panels to monitor incoming and outgoing traffic. But HoloTower, new HoloLens software from 360 World, could free up space with customizable holographic 3D virtual panels.

The post This Is What Happens When HoloLens Meets Air Traffic Control appeared first on Futurism.

This incredible 4×4 tanker fire truck can go anywhere to put out fire. Thanks to it’s heavy duty parts, it can carry 4 times more water than the average brush truck.

The post Meet the Craziest Fire Truck in the World appeared first on Futurism.

Virtual reality continues to suffer from a lack of immersive gaming experiences, especially in the RPG genre. Million Arthur is an upcoming JRPG for the HTC Vive from Square Enix, the makers of Final Fantasy, that appears to have one of the most promising gameplay experiences for VR yet. The JRPG is coming to Japan in spring, but there’s no word yet on a potential western release.

The post From the Makers of Final Fantasy, This VR Game Is Set to Release appeared first on Futurism.

Soon you’ll be able to answer your cell phone by touching your tattoo. Researchers at Saarland University in Germany have developed iSkin, a sensor worn on the skin like a tattoo. Just in case tattoos and cell phones weren’t already cool.

The post Turn Your Entire Body into a Touchscreen appeared first on Futurism.

Silicon valley seems to have a new obsession with a proposed biotech called ‘the neural lace’. Both Elon Musk and Bryan Johnson have launched companies that aim to inject electrodes into the brain, which ultimately could give people the ability to upload and download thoughts.

The post Elon Musk Isn’t the Only One Trying to Computerize Your Brain appeared first on Futurism.

People are living longer thanks to advancements in medicine, nutrition, and access to food.

The post The World’s Population Could Hit 9.9 Billion by 2050 appeared first on Futurism.

Men unable to have an erection after prostate surgery enjoyed normal intercourse thanks to stem cell therapy. In first-phase clinical trials, eight out of 15 continent men suffering from erectile dysfunction had sex six months after the one-time treatment, without recourse to drugs or penile implants.

The post This Might Just Be the Cure for Erectile Dysfunction appeared first on Futurism.

Titan Note turns speech into text instantly. It also edits, summarizes, shares, translates, charges your phone, and is a perfect portable speaker. At this point, being in class is just for fun.

The post This All-In-One Device Could Change the Way You Take Notes appeared first on Futurism.

Your nostalgic Smurfs are now getting a holographic rendition in a new augmented reality game. Smurfs: The Lost Village is a Microsoft Hololens game where you explore different locations from the series and battle the villain Gargamel. Microsoft helped create the game to promote the new Smurfs: The Lost Village film.

The post The Smurfs Are Headed to Augmented Reality appeared first on Futurism.

In the future, music will be composed by humans and machines working together. Amper is a commercially available Artificial Intelligence music composing software. It’s the first step towards a world in which humans and machines collaborate to make music.

The post Artificial Intelligence Might Put Musicians out of Work appeared first on Futurism.

More and more classic video games are getting remakes in augmented and virtual reality. HoloLems is the latest iteration of the craze with a remake of the wildly successful game Lemmings from 1991.

The post This Classic 90’s Game Is Making Its Way to AR appeared first on Futurism.

Meet Upright, a new wearable device that improves your posture by vibrating every time you slouch. It features an 8-hour battery so you can sit straight through the whole work day. See how it works!

The post Meet the Device Plans to Fix Your Poor Posture appeared first on Futurism.

Bicycles are awesome, but bulky, heavy, and tough to store and transport in tight spaces. The Halfbike decided to cut those problems in half. It’s light and highly portable, not to mention agile and easily-ridden from a standing position.

The post This Half-Bike, Half-Scooter Could Be the Next Big Thing appeared first on Futurism.

Robots assist surgeons in 80% of prostatectomies.

The post Robots Now Play an Important Role in the Operating Room appeared first on Futurism.

Lightform attaches to a projector to superimpose images around you.

The post This AR Device Can Turn Your Entire Home Into a Giant Screen appeared first on Futurism.

Commuter Trucker Jacket was developed by Levi’s and Google.

The post Google’s New ‘Smart Jacket’ Is Finally Hitting Stores appeared first on Futurism.

Hoverskate VR uses your hands as feet to ride your board.

The post Skate into the Future with This ‘Tony Hawk-Like’ VR Game appeared first on Futurism.

The Earth’s magnetic field makes life possible by shielding us from solar wind.

The post Magnetic Fields Are the Key to Life on a Planet appeared first on Futurism.

Chroma Lab is a particle physics sandbox in striking color.

The post Take a Trip into the Colorful World of Virtual Reality appeared first on Futurism.

The largest turbines today generate up to 8 megawatts of clean energy.

The post The Future of Energy Is Blowing in the Wind appeared first on Futurism.

The Sierra region has already gotten 230% of the average precipitation.

The post California’s Drought Has Finally Come to an End appeared first on Futurism.

This gadget can be clipped to a smartphone to test sperm.

The post Testing Male Fertility At Home? There’s An App For That appeared first on Futurism.

The MPI CyberMotion Simulator was made from a modified industrial robot.

The post The Future Of Piloting Is In The Hands Of This Motion Simulator appeared first on Futurism.

Clearing your browsing history won’t be enough anymore.

The post Congress Just Voted To Sell Your Private Internet History appeared first on Futurism.

This ranks among the most generous leave policies of any country in the world.

The post India Has Become A Leader In Maternity Leave appeared first on Futurism.

The asteroid redirect mission will probably never happen.

The post There’s An Asteroid Floating Around Space Worth $10 Quintillion appeared first on Futurism.

Lampix is an augmented reality projector for work and entertainment.

The post Meet The Lamp That Turns Your Table Into A Smart Surface appeared first on Futurism.

Its tactile watchface features four active braille calls.

The post This Remarkable Watch Lets You Feel The Time appeared first on Futurism.

Daptly integrates with smart devices and your favorite apps.

The post This Mirror Can Double As Your Very Own Virtual Assistant appeared first on Futurism.

FoxSports VR takes you to a virtual stadium suite.

The post Watch Real-Time Soccer Games In Virtual Reality appeared first on Futurism.

This physicist has create a machine to learn why icicles grow in different shapes.

The post Icicles Kill 1000 A Year, This Man Grows Them For A Living appeared first on Futurism.

It claims to protect light so images appear more realistic.

The post This Device Puts AR In The Palm Of Your Hand appeared first on Futurism.

The octobot is a squishy robot that fits in your hand.

The post This Incredible Robot Doesn’t Need Batteries Or Computer Chips appeared first on Futurism.

In 2015, 196 nations committed to cut greenhouse emissions.

The post Trump Plans To Pull The US Out Of The Paris Climate Agreement appeared first on Futurism.

You can tour an accurate model of the ISS and perform essential tasks.

The post Visit The International Space Station In VR Right Now appeared first on Futurism.

Smart panels track the sun as it soars across the sky each day.

The post Meet The World’s First All-In-One Solar System appeared first on Futurism.

Baylor College of Medicine recently identified 30 genes active in the tests.

The post The Perfect Male Birth Control Pill Is Coming Soon appeared first on Futurism.

Audi is bringing your childhood dreams to life in VR.

The post VR Lets You Drive Through Your Own Sandcastles appeared first on Futurism.

Its mirrors are as big as a tennis court.

The post This New Telescope Will Change Our View Of The World appeared first on Futurism.

Orboot offers experiences for every country on Earth.

The post Learn About The World With The Help Of This AR Globe appeared first on Futurism.

A company is building an AI that can identify suicidal users using health records.

The post Facebook Plans To Prevent Suicides With The Help Of AI appeared first on Futurism.

Its ears and eyes have binaural mics and 4K cameras.

The post This Terrifying Mannequin Head Is The Future Of VR Porn appeared first on Futurism.

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